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Homeless man sitting on the street and covering his eyes

LGA responds to Shelter winter warning

“It’s a tragedy when anyone becomes homeless, and this highlights the growing pressures councils and their partners are under to help those in need of housing support, as a result of the pandemic."

Man walking with hood up in the sun set looking down

LGA responds to Spending Review rough sleeping and homelessness funding

“Councils have done an incredible job getting people sleeping rough off the streets and have accommodated more than 29,000 people who have faced homelessness since the start of the coronavirus pandemic."

Typical british street

LGA responds to Spending Review housing funding announcement

“With council housing waiting lists set to potentially nearly double next year, now is the time to let councils embark on an ambitious post-pandemic building boom of 100,000 social homes for rent a year, which as well as reducing homelessness would also deliver a £14.5 billion boost to the economy.”


Some rough sleepers could be forced to stay out in the cold this winter to avoid risk of infection

Some people sleeping rough in some areas could be forced to stay out in the cold this winter to avoid a risk of infection in unsafe settings, due to shortfalls in funding and appropriate accommodation for councils to use, a new report for the Local Government Association warns today.

housing estate

LGA responds to accessible homes survey

“These findings reinforce why it is essential that accessible and adaptable housing for older and disabled people is a key part of our national ambition to build new homes, and we support calls to raise the minimum accessibility standards for new housing."

Shot of an average housing estate in the uk

LGA responds to Social Housing White Paper

“Now is the time to reverse the decline in council housing over the past few decades. As important as these reforms are for tenants, they will not help to tackle the severe shortage of social housing the country faces."

Front porch of a house with a rainbow painting in the window

Post-coronavirus boom in social housing needed to tackle spiralling council housing waiting lists - new report reveals

A post-pandemic building boom of 100,000 new social homes for rent each year would not only meet demand for affordable homes but deliver a £14.5 billion boost to the economy.

House through a bush of flowers

LGA opens bids for Housing Advisers Programme to tackle impact of COVID-19 on housing crisis

The programme, which opens for bids today, funds the provision of independent expertise for councils undertaking specific projects to tackle the effects of the housing crisis in local communities.

homelessness guidance

LGA responds to government funding for rough sleepers during the pandemic

“As we enter this second national lockdown, councils will continue to do everything they can to accommodate new rough sleepers during the winter as well as support those already off the streets into safe, long-term accommodation with the appropriate support."


LGA responds to review of people building their own homes

“Councils are committed to building homes with the right infrastructure that local communities need and are supportive of custom and self-build housing as one way of achieving that.