Corporate peer challenge – peer training days 2020

Many thanks for your interest in our training events.

Currently we are reviewing dates for our Corporate peer training days and Resilience peer training days and will share more details as we have them. 

If you are interested in becoming a peer and attending these days we would be really pleased to hear from you, please email and we will send more details when available.

These training days will cover:

  • The current peer challenge offer, and how the peer challenge approach is evolving and being used by authorities – helping to raise awareness and ensure understanding about the offer
  • The role of peers in delivering the corporate peer challenge, including the key expectations and responsibilities – ensuring that peers are ready and confident to be part of a peer challenge teamWe are always looking for new peers with a wide range of skills, experienced senior local government officers willing to share their knowledge and learning that reflect the diversity, talents and needs of the sector. You will need an excellent knowledge of local government and an understanding what good looks like.

We are particularly looking for people with experience of:

  • finance
  • governance
  • transformation
  • commercialisation and economic growth
  • the green agenda / climate change.

We are also looking for peers with experience of emergency planning and assurance for a planned new peer programme of work.

We are committed to ensuring our peers reflect the diversity and creativity of local government and the communities they serve, and therefore especially encourage interest from underrepresented groups.

If you have any queries about becoming a peer and attending a future peer training event you can email or speak to one of the peer placement team:

Alison Gover (0207 6643021)

Alex Marshall (0207 6643135)

Ged Perkins (0207 6643167)

For any further information about peer challenge or peer working please email

Please note we also run peer training for peers for children's, adult's social care, highways and fire peer challenge programmes. If you are interested in these please let us know and we will pass on your request to the relevant colleagues.