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Public health and alcohol licensing in England

Public health has always been a key consideration for alcohol policy. However, until recently, health authorities had little or no input into the licensing process. This briefing aims to place health bodies' new role in alcohol licensing in a strategic context, and to provide guidance to those who will be delivering the responsible authority role.

Tackling obesity: local government's new public health role

Public health will become the responsibility of local government when it transfers from the NHS to local authorities in April 2013. This publication for councillors and officers explains the challenges facing councils and the opportunities they have to tackle obesity and reduce health inequalities in local communities.

Changing behaviours in public health – to nudge or to shove?

This briefing for councillors and officers explains how behavioural change interventions – or nudge theory as it is dubbed – can help local authorities fulfil their public health responsibilities.

Healthy homes, healthy lives

Councils all over the country understand how the quality of housing affects the health and wellbeing of their residents. Poor housing costs the NHS at least £2.5 billion a year in treating people with illnesses directly linked to living in cold, damp and dangerous homes.

Councillor Briefing pack: Healthier Communities

Topic specific briefing packs providing guidance and advice to councillors on how preparing for a changing climate can help achieve wider local priorities.

Councillor development

Working with business to improve the health of our communities: case studies

This resource describes how public health in a number of councils has started to use the opportunities of a local government setting to improve health and wellbeing.

Sexual health commissioning in local government

These nine case studies showcase local government experience of commissioning sexual health services since taking over this responsibility in April 2013. The studies demonstrate how commissioners have grasped the opportunities of having a local government base.

Prevention: A Shared Commitment

This document identifies and collates key pieces of evidence about the cost effectiveness of prevention in order to develop the LGA's concept of a Prevention Transformation Fund. About 5 per cent of the entire healthcare budget is spent on prevention.

Behavioural insights and health

Behavioural insights and health

Councils are making use of behavioural insights to improve health.

Build back local

To build back better, we must build back local.

Build back local: Building back better

Read the full 2021 LGA Annual Conference paper.


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