Technical Working Group on needs and redistribution


25 June 2019


Needs and redistribution working group - Children and young peoples services

Needs and redistribution working group - Area cost adjustment

Needs and redistribution working group - Summary of representative responses to December 2018

Needs and redistribution working group - Notional council tax level


21 September


Write-up of January 2018 academic roundtable

Concessionary Transport cost and funding by NECA

Consideration of population concentration by SIGOMA & Core Cities

Discussion paper on Population Projections by MHCLG

Proving the additional costs of rurality by CCN&RSN

10 July

Quick summary of Fair Funding Review Technical Working Group meeting

Agenda pack


Area cost adjustment

Transitional arrangements

Legacy capital finance

18 May

Agenda pack

Minutes of the 28 March 2018 meeting

Quick summary of the meeting

Needs and redistribution technical working group meeting - minutes

DHSC paper on the public health funding allocation formula

NFCC paper on the fire funding formula

MHCLG summary the responses to the consultation

Annex 2 – mapping services to formulae

Annex 2 – mapping services to formulae - V3

LGA paper on divergence of relative needs over time

LGA paper on the fair funding review proposal evaluation criteria

MHCLG update on children's services research

Updated terms of reference of the technical working group

28 March 

Agenda pack


Quick readout of the outcome of the meeting

Minutes of the previous meeting

LGA summary of recent regional events

DfE/MHCLG note on children's services research

Discussion paper regarding the approach to Adult Social Care

Discussion paper regarding the approach to council tax

For information: note on children's services costs (Paul Woods, North East Combined Authority)

For information: note on children's services costs – Excel appendix

16 January

Agenda pack

Final Minutes of previous meeting (16.11.2017)

Quick summary of meeting

Overview of statistical techniques

Discussion paper on an alternative to regression (SCT)

Summary of potential analytical options


27 November 

Fair Funding Review Away Day November 17 - slides

16 November

Quick recap of the meeting (full minutes to follow)

Agenda pack

Resources workstream 

Council Tax (SIGOMA)

Local Council Tax Support (Paul Woods)

Foundation Formula

 LGA work programme update

29 September


Needs and distribution technical working group minutes - 19 July

Agenda pack

Discussion paper regarding the approach to Area Cost Adjustment and rurality in the Fair Funding Review

Funding for higher unit costs associated with sparsity and rurality: Rural Services' Network

Discussion paper regarding the approach to Deprivation in the Fair Funding Review

Deprivation in the Needs Allocation Formula: Society of County Treasurers

19 July 

Minutes (19 July 2017)

Agenda Pack

Fair Funding Review - update and overview

Discussion paper regarding the approach to resources in the Fair Funding Review

Council Tax Benefit

Key changes to council tax support in 2017-18

15 February

Minutes (15 February 2017)


Approach to Resources

Transitional Arrangements

10 January

Minutes (10 January 2017)


Removing Tier-Level Aggregation 501.69 KB - PDF

Funding Formulas and Rural Communities 160.76 KB - PDF

Transport cost drivers for rural authorities 149.24 KB - PDF

Waste and recycling cost drivers 160.12 KB - PDF

Local authority flood funding 484.57 KB - PDF

Long-list of possible cost drivers 437.76 KB - PDF


10 November

Minutes (10 November 2016) 181.51 KB - PDF

Agenda 86.02 KB - PDF

ALATS Group Update 296.39 KB - PDF

Transport Services Cost Drivers (DfT) 59.68 KB - DOCX

Capital Financing Cost Drivers (DCLG) 344.06 KB - PDF

13 October

Minutes (5 September) 134.16 KB - PDF

An approach to assessing need using key cost drivers 95.34 KB - PDF

Different statistical techniques for assessing need 142.02 KB - PDF

Agenda 86.02 KB - PDF

5 September

Minutes (4 August) 269.43 KB - PDF 

Action Points Tracker 87.8 KB - PDF

Agenda 82.42 KB - PDF

Outline Workplan for Fair Funding Review 241.06 KB - PDF

ALATS Paper – Local Government Group

Approaches to estimating relative needs for Adult Social Care 401.71 KB - PDF

Resets Paper – Systems Design Working Group 75.08 KB - PDF

4 August

Agenda 86.02 KB - PDF

Minutes (4 July) 270.7 KB - PDF

Resets and needs 364.16 KB - PDF

EPCS assessment of needs 502.91 KB - DOCX

Taking Account of Differences in Ability to Raise Council Tax Income 667.16 KB - PDF

Action Points Tracker 106.34 KB - PDF

4 July 

Minutes (6 June) 277 KB - PDF


Paper 1 - Measuring Need 143.44 KB - PDF

Paper 2 – Indicators for Cost Drivers 91.02 KB - PDF

Indicator Database 335.43 KB - PDF

RNF Indicators 302.48 KB - PDF

IMD Change 371.07 KB - PDF

2015-16 RO Forms 372.82 KB - PDF

Systems Design Working group paper (for reference) 229.3 KB - PDF

6 June

Agenda 86.02 KB - PDF

Cost Drivers for Local Government Services 130.54 KB - PDF

Revenue Outturn Expenditure data 2014-15 337.89 KB - XLSX

Local authority comparisons of 2014-15 reported expenditure 387.83 KB - PDF

3 May

Meeting of Technical Working Group on Needs & Distribution 184.51 KB - PDF

Agenda 86.02 KB - PDF

Terms of reference 69.16 KB - PDF

Initial questions for the fair funding review 71.17 KB - PDF