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LGA responds to Age UK report on need for 10% rise in council tax for social care just to ‘stand still’

“Social care was facing an uncertain future even before the pandemic, which has exposed and exacerbated some fundamental weaknesses in how we continue to pay for and provide care and support."

Carer reading to an older man

LGA responds to Skills for Care report on the value of adult social care

“Our dedicated care workers rightly need as much support as possible, including urgent action on pay, conditions, skills and training."

Snow on branches

LGA responds to announcement of £500 million funding to support vulnerable households over winter

"We want to work quickly with government to clarify the details of the funding, including how it will be distributed and any guidance on how it must be used."


LGA responds to Ombudsman annual review of adult social care complaints

The LGA's response to the 2020/21 annual review of social care complaints by the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman

man's hands on petrol nozzle putting petrol into a car

LGA: Councils urge people to consider needs of essential workers during fuel situation

"Councils want to make sure that everybody who needs fuel can access it safely and swiftly. We encourage people to be considerate of our essential workers such as health and care staff, so they can get the fuel they need to do their vital daily roles caring for our older and most vulnerable members of our communities."


Social care plan contains nothing to help millions ‘here and now’

The Government’s social care plan provides no extra funding for frontline social care and will do nothing to immediately help the millions of people who draw on and work in care and support, or will do so in the near future, councils warn today.

Hospital bed

LGA responds to Unison survey on social care vacancy rates and staff mental health

"The Spending Review must set out how immediate and short-term pressures in social care will be addressed, working with councils, care workers and those with lived experience to build back better and help develop a care and support system fit for the future"

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LGA responds to social care funding announcement

The Government's social care announcement is an important 'first step', but further clarity is needed on a range of additional crucial issues. In the coming weeks, government needs to work with councils, their partners and those with lived experience, in order to develop a care and support system which is fit for the future.


LGA responds to National Disability Strategy

“The forthcoming Spending Review is an opportunity to ensure that councils have the necessary funding to achieve real and lasting change for disabled people."

Person sitting alone in a wheelchair

Nine in ten councillors back call for social care priority in government

Councillors from across the country and political spectrum have called on the Government to give greater priority to social care and start committing more resources to it now.