LGA Members' Allowances Scheme

Councillors who attend LGA meetings and undertake various approved duties of the LGA are eligible to receive allowances and expenses depending on their role.

The LGA Members' Allowances Scheme determines which roles are eligible and levels of payment. This scheme is regularly reviewed by an Independent Remuneration Panel, most recently in 2018.

Members' allowances

Councillors with particular leading roles receive a Special Responsibility Allowance commensurate with the duties they undertake. 

LGA councillors in receipt of an allowance for 2021/22 meeting year

Members' expenses

For Members carrying out approved duties as set out in the LGA Members' Allowances Scheme, travel, subsistence and a carers' allowance are paid. See details of members’ claims below:

Members' expenses: 2011/12 to present

LGA Councillors' expenses 2020/21

LGA Councillors' expenses 2019/20

LGA Councillors' expenses 2018/19

LGA Councillors' expenses 2017/18

LGA Councillors' expenses 2016/17

LGA Councillors' expenses 2015/16

LGA Councillors' expenses 2014/15

LGA Councillors' expenses 2013/14

LGA Councillors' expenses 2012/13

LGA Councillors' expenses 2011/12

How to claim expenses or fees

Download and return the relevant form

Member Claim Form for Expenses for individual elected members claiming expenses.
Member Claim Form for Fees for individual elected members claiming fees.
Council Claim Form for local authorities seeking reimbursement for elected members’ expenses.

Who to contact?

For more information on Members' allowances and expenses, please contact Marion.Stribling@local.gov.uk.