LGA Action Learning Sets: housing retrofit skills

The LGA is launching an exciting new offer to support local authorities in creating housing retrofit skills and jobs in their area.


The UK’s housing stock will need to be carbon neutral by 2050. Whole-house retrofit aims to improve the energy efficiency of a property. This includes improving the 'building fabric' (walls, windows, floors and roofs), the heating system and installing renewable energy where possible, such as heat pumps and solar panels. Councils are working hard to retrofit their own housing stock, whilst building construction skills in the community to create new jobs.  

The LGA is launching a new offer to provide support to local authorities in creating housing retrofit skills and jobs in their area. The LGA will work in partnership with a consortium, led by Sustainability West Midlands, bringing together the expertise and experience of the Sustainable Housing Action Partnership (SHAP), Low Carbon Homes and Contented who will deliver the LGA housing retrofit skills action learning. 

Further to the LGA green jobs report (2020) and Leading and Learning sessions to create local green jobs (2021), this programme will bring together officers and Members (separately to each other) to work through challenges to find common solutions for the local government sector.  

What is an Action Learning Set and what is required from you? 

An Action Learning Set is made up of around five people. They are usually peers or at a similar level of responsibility and experience.  

On the programme, five groups will meet using online platforms, four times between November 2021 and February 2022 in action learning sessions, with individual project work to be undertaken in between each session. Four mixed groups of local government housing, economic and climate change officers and one group of members will have a chance to come together from a variety of councils to share experiences and learn together to specifically focus on how to build skills in the area of housing retrofit. 

The sets will come together to find practical ways of addressing the ‘real life’ challenges which councils face, and to support their own learning and development. Set members are encouraged to find their own solutions to challenges and issues through a structured process of insightful questioning combined with a balance of support and challenge from the group. It will provide a space for personal reflection and mutual support. The sets will have a trained facilitator who guides this process. 

Whilst each local situation will be different and have its own challenges, these collective experiences will be invaluable to the sector to inform practice and policy development. For this reason, every participant will be expected to produce a shareable output. The shared learning which includes blogs, case studies, videos and action plans will be shared with the rest of local government so that every council can benefit.  

A community of practice for the wider network of stakeholders will also be created. 

How do I sign up? 

To apply for a place, please fill in an expression of interest form by October 6 2021. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

  • Priority will be given to those authorities who have not already participated in the LGA Green Jobs Action Learning Sets. 

  • If we are oversubscribed, we will prioritise a diverse range of challenges, types of authority, regions, political leadership and equality, diversity and inclusion.

  • This programme is open to English councils.

We will aim to reply to councils by the end of October 2021 to confirm whether they have gained a place on the programme. 

For further information please email climate@local.gov.uk.