Local economies and communities

Responding to new challenges and opportunities.

Local economies

Local government and the communities and economies that they represent, will need to react quickly to changing economic circumstance, maximise the new opportunities that will become available and manage any immediate risks, in addition to the recovery from the implications of the pandemic. Councils and the LGA will be detailing the differential impact by place of economic and social consequences of EU transition (in combination with other challenges) – especially on jobs and community cohesion.

Community cohesion

Local councils, as place leaders, want to bring together communities, and will continue to work in partnership with local stakeholders to resolve tensions.

The Government has published a Community Engagement guide for local authorities.

LGA contact: EUtransition@local.gov.uk

To sign up to the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government bulletin that includes updates on the transition period, please email: LGEngagement@communities.gov.uk

Preparing local government - Government updates
Please note page will be updated regularly to reflect developments as the trade conclude. The page does not provide formal advice on EU transition to councils. It provides a checklist of the issues that LGA has been asked to raise with Government by its membership. Formal Government guidance can be found here: Preparing local government for 1 January 2021 (gov.uk)