Prime Minister’s 2020 Dementia Challenge

The LGA is a partner in the delivery of the Prime Minister's 2020 Dementia Challenge Implementation plan.

Building on the progress made under the previous challenge launched in 2012, the 2020 Challenge set out more than 50 specific commitments that together will make England the world-leader in dementia care, research and awareness by 2020. The 2020 Challenge drew out 18 key commitments and the implementation plan shows actions to address each of these.

Prime Minister's 2020 Dementia Challenge Implementation plan

The plan provides more detail on how these commitments, across the four core themes of risk reduction, health and care, awareness and social action, and research will be met. Developed in partnership with a range of stakeholders, including people with dementia and carers across England, it explains how the commitments in the 2020 challenge will be delivered. It identifies the priority actions within each theme, and indicates which organisations are responsible for delivery.

The LGA is also a signatory to the Dementia Post-Diagnosis Support Declaration. The purpose of the Declaration is to set out the signatories commitment to the delivery of appropriate and high quality post-diagnostic support and care, throughout the course of their life, but with the period immediately following diagnosis being a critical time for this to occur. This commitment between government, health, social care, the third sector and all other relevant parties to deliver better quality post-diagnostic care represents, for the first time, a collaborative approach to joint to action to improve dementia care. The declaration is needed to ensure that people living with the effects of dementia, their families and carers have the right care, information and support so they can live as fulfilling lives as possible and prepare for the future.